2021 Summit Schedule Day 3

November 12, 2021

9:30AM – 10:45AM

Keynote Session

David Muhammad Treating Violence Through Public Health

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11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Breakout Sessions (Chose 1 of 5) – Zoom Links

David Muhammad Continuing the Conversation… We invite you to workshop the keynote address with David.

Sara Mishefske

Elevate You

Teen Intervene and Check & Connect: Supportive Early Intervention Alternatives that Help Youth Get Back on Track

Elevate’s youth intervention program, Elevate “U,” targets youth (ages 12 – 17) early in their trajectory of substance use and school disconnection, and gets them back-on-track toward reaching their full potential.

This presentation will focus on the Elevate “U” model, where Elevate’s professional staff provide  evidence-based early intervention support in both individual and group settings.

Arti Mohan

CSJ India

Restorative Circles for Young Giirls Who Have Experienced Sexual Harm 

This session will share experiences from restorative circles conducted for young girls in a protective shelter who had experienced sexual harm in New Delhi, India.

The need for these spaces as well as pointers for designing these spaces, being mindful of the trauma experienced by the young girls as well as their lived reality vis-à-vis other systemic oppression, as well as needs arising from their age will be discussed.

Claudia Parkes

Briarpatch Youth Services

The Need for Restorative Justice in Our Schools This session will focus on how restorative justice, when broadly and consistently executed, will advance and strengthen positive school culture and boost prosocial relationships in our schools.

Sharlen Moore & Jennifer Ginsburg

Urban Underground & Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center

Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System This session will focus on racial disparities within Wisconsin’s youth justice system. Participants will learn about the nature of these disparities, and the efforts of the Governor’s Commission on Juvenile Justice to address them. Discussion will focus on Wisconsin youth data, reforms to divert youth from the justice system, and efforts toward prevention and early intervention.


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