Community Health

Youth involved in working to make healthier communities. Please check out information about Growing Connections.

There is also information and resources on Extension’s Health & Well-Being website.

Pathways to Access College and Employment

Youth in Governance

Youth and adults working together in positions of authority to make decisions and take action to strengthen organizations, communities, and our democratic society.

Restorative Justice

Peer courts work to create a change in youth behavior, provides an opportunity for youth to restore their image in the community while repairing their relationship between themselves and the victim, facilitates the strengthening of family resiliency, and offers ways youth can gain academic and 21st century life skills for future success – referred to as reinvesting in the offender. Through the restorative justice process the offender is encouraged to recognize the human relationship they have to the victim and the impact their actions had on everyone involved. It views the situation as a teachable moment for the offender and research illustrates it can be the most powerful model for young people.

Restorative justice involves three groups: victims, offenders and communities. Restorative justice is a structure to create a relationship between the offender and the victims related to the offense and works to repair the relationship with the victim. Traditional courts usually focus on establishing guilt and determining a sentence that fits the crime. A youth court process informed by restorative justice considers what is broken between people, and it seeks an outcome that is more reparative than punitive. Teen offenders are given an opportunity for a real second chance to prove that mistakes can be turned into positive choices. This process is beneficial to the young offender and to all youth as adults see young people as capable of change with a positive image in the community.

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