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Teen Vaping in Wisconsin

The Extension Vaping Work Group partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Applied Population Lab to analyze Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey data from 260,000 high school students and 188,000 middle school students across the state. The survey shows that males and females use vaping devices nearly the same. American Indian and […]

4-H Tech Changemakers

4-H has partnered with Microsoft to create the 4-H Tech Changemakers. There are eight teams nationwide, and each team is making a difference in their community with the use of technology. Meet the Teams Maine, Michigan, North Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Georgia and Virginia. Marketing Toolkit Resources from National 4-H Council, including event resources, logos […]

Youth on Local Government Boards and Committees

UW-Extension is working with county boards and city councils and their committees to include youth representation in several Wisconsin counties. Youth Representatives on Full Elected Board Adams County: The Adams County SAYL Program helps young people and government officials work together. The purpose of the program is to create a model of youth involvement within […]

Youth in Governance

What do we mean by Youth in Governance? Youth and adults working together in positions of authority to make decisions and take action to strengthen organizations, communities, and our democratic society. Why is it important? In 2002, over 2000 Wisconsin residents came together in 83 county-based conversations on youth development. They identified two top priorities […]

Youth Voice is an Integral Component of Teen Court Program

Youth courts are driven by the partnership between young people and adults. In the Buffalo/Pepin County Teen Court program that not only translates to teen offenders participating in the justice system, but also high school students serving as panelists, or peer judges. As panelists, youth manage hearings and providing feedback to other teens, coach and […]

How Parents Can Help Their Children Acheive Higher Education

There are many resources available to parents on understanding the school system how to be more involved. One of the keys to achieving high school graduation and pursuing higher education is family involvement. However, language, cultural, and economic barriers can make being involved in children’s education more difficult. Parents who do not speak English may […]

Resources to Help Students Achieve Higher Education

Preparing for college is an ominous idea for many people, but here at Juntos, we believe everyone has the potential to achieve higher education. First, what are scholarships and how many different types are there? Also, what do I need to do to apply for college? Here are links that can clear up many confusions as well as provide information for you to achieve success!

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