Restorative Justice Summit

The Restorative Justice Summit is a statewide educational forum that brings together young people and youth-serving professionals to collaborate in advancing equitable, evidence-based restorative justice and peacemaking practices that aim to transform youth services, programs and communities in Wisconsin.

July 27, 2023
Memorial Union, UW-Madison Campus 10am-3pm

Restorative justice is based on the idea that we are interconnected and woven together in humanity.   Crime, wrongdoing, and unjust systems break down those relationships and lead to a ripple effect that breaks down communities.  Restorative Justice prioritizes repairing harm and recognizes that maintaining positive relationships with others is a core human need. In weaving, the same is true—the structure forms the support for all the interconnected pieces and if one if broken or flawed it can cause the whole piece to fall apart.  Justice also ripples outward and leads to wellbeing and wholeness in our communities.  As we create artwork through weaving, we are reminded that by securing each individual piece we make a beautiful tapestry where each individual piece is as important as the next.

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The Restorative Justice Summit is made possible in part by grants from the Wisconsin Law Foundation and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension Community Youth Development program funds.
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